We help you heal — and stay well

Located in Eugene, Oregon OUR MISSION is your whole health: Body, Mind, and Life. Our community of practitioners and trainers facilitate your wellness using a scientific approach, combined with the wisdom of thousands of years of holistic medicine.

By giving our patients the ability to know the cause of their symptoms, and the skills to overcome all physical and emotional obstacles, we facilitate self empowerment. We work with clients, transitioning them out of pain and symptoms, to a tailored, proven road to wellness, movement and strength to help them stay healthy and strong for life through our companion program called The Movement.

Well Balanced Center is focused on giving you the skills you need to control and maintain the life you want to live.

Treating the ‘whole’ you

Acupuncture, functional medicine, massage, physical therapy and more

We have practitioners who specialize in functional medicine, massage therapy, and acupuncture. While each of these services has effective healing outcomes on its own, each service by itself does not address all causes of symptoms. This is why we take an integrated approach to healing.

Patients often work with a group of practitioners with different skills and specialties, all aligned to help you get better.

Getting to the bottom of your health

While Western Medicine is excellent at treating emergency symptoms that need immediate attention, it rarely addresses the “why” of what caused your symptoms in the first place. Without that understanding, your symptoms will almost certainly return.

At Well Balanced Center, our work is to get to the “why.”

The journey starts now. Call us: 541-762-1755