Well Balanced Center for Integrated Care is designed to coordinate your care through our specialized team of practitioners utilizing

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic
  • Medical Massage
  • Physical Therapy
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Strength and Mobility Programs

This integration philosophy produces the quickest outcomes and proves to be the most effective approach in caring for those who put in the effort to get better, faster!

Why is Integration so Important?

Every person is unique. Back pain in one person doesn’t have the same cause as the next person with back pain. We look at you as an individual, to assess the cause of your ailment and come up with a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Just as each person is unique, our practitioners have diverse skills and perspectives. This array of tools, along with timely practitioner communication, allows for a comprehensive and integrated treatment plan which gets you better, faster.

What does Integration look like?

Our mission is to provide care that considers all aspects of your health needs, with your individual goals as our focus.

Unique characteristics of our integrated services:

  • Increased communication – All our team-members have daily face-to-face communication and provide real-time consults to one another.
  • Coordinated care – Key information is coordinated with each practitioner, based on your treatment plan and effects of each treatment.
  • Wellness – There are many elements of health. Wellness can be improved through decreasing stress, increasing exercise, and making healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

What will my treatment plan look like?

You choose which practitioner you would like to see for your initial consultation and treatment. This will be your lead practitioner who will conduct a full evaluation of your main health complaint, all of your health history and your personal and lifestyle structure. After your initial treatment, your lead practitioner will go over their comprehensive findings with our clinic director and practice owner, Lisa Glasser, who you will see for your second treatment.

In your second treatment, Lisa will use the findings of your lead practitioner as a starting point and take the time to talk to you about your goals. She may also perform additional assessment and treatment in order to have a full understanding of what you need for your journey at Well Balanced. After your second treatment, Lisa will meet with your lead practitioner and they will develop a treatment plan that will include any additional modalities and treatments by adjunct providers with the goal of getting you better, faster.

It is the goal of the clinic director and all practitioners to make sure you receive the best care possible. Lisa will continue to be an active part in your treatment plan and will review your progress with your lead practitioner every 5-8 treatments. If at any time you have concerns about your treatment plan, your lead practitioner and Lisa will be your advocates, listening to what you need to make your journey successful.

What treatment is right for me?

This is a great question and depends on personal preference. Here is how we see each modality at Well Balanced:

  • Acupuncture works with the nerve pathways of the body. In addition to treating the nerves along the spine, acupuncture treats the neural pathways throughout the body. We call these pathways channels of Qi. Qi, energy and blood flow become stuck due to tight muscles and blocked neural pathways. Acupuncture restores the pathways and normal function of muscles, joints and organs. Acupuncture is great for acute or chronic pain, as well as internal ailments such as digestion, anxiety, and infertility. Our motto is, if it isn’t an emergency, see your acupuncturist.
  • Chiropractic is a process of manually correcting the nerve pathways that send information from your brain to your body. When the nerve pathway is blocked within the spine (what we call a subluxation of the vertebrae) the muscles around the area become sore and fatigued, ultimately causing pain. Chiropractic adjustments free these pathways and relieve pain. Chiropractic is great for relieving acute pain, quickly.
  • Medical Massage We all love massage, and with good reason, it feels good. Unlike traditional massage, our manual therapists are licensed massage therapists who have countless hours of additional training in muscle tension relief, increased blood flow and opening of neural pathways. In addition, they are trained to assess the difference between muscle tension and neurological tightness to perform treatment based on their assessment. This specialized training allows for treatment effects to last longer than traditional massage. Massage is most useful in combination with chiropractic and allows the adjustments to hold longer.
  • Physical Therapy If you have seen a physical therapist before, you will quickly notice, our physical therapist takes a different approach. Not only do we treat the site of pain, we find the cause! Our first goal is to determine dysfunctional or compensatory movement patterns as well as what musculoskeletal or neurological impairments contribute to your pain. Much like chiropractic and acupuncture, orthopedic manual therapy works to relieve the joints, soft tissue and nerve pathways that send information from your brain through your spinal cord to your body. In addition, physical therapy specifically works to re-educate your neuromuscular system as well as increase your strength and coordination. Physical therapy is an essential addition to chiropractic, acupuncture and medical massage in order to build strength and coordination.
  • Therapeutic Exercises When a practitioner assesses that one cause of your ailment is lack of movement, therapeutic exercises are recommended. The issue may not be serious enough to warrant physical therapy, but rather guided movements in specific joints and the body as a whole. During therapeutic exercises, your practitioner will teach you how to move each joint of the body correctly in relation to the entire body and give you a daily routine. Each session will build off the previous and movements will be given until painful symptoms begin to resolve. These sessions are performed by our licensed massage therapists or acupuncturists and may also include medical massage or acupuncture in the hour treatment. Therapeutic Exercises teach you how to move more while being pain free and are an excellent addition to chiropractic, acupuncture and medical massage.

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