Get better. Faster. Forever.

The what and why of ‘integrated care’

Our integrated-practitioner approach to health and healing allows you to get better, faster. Our board certified and licensed practitioners work together to treat your body as a whole. Uncovering the root cause of symptoms, eliminating roadblocks to health, and giving you the skills for success.

We specialize in the holistic treatment of pain, pelvic health issues, and whole body health problems — such as stress, digestion, anxiety, and fatigue.

What we do

We are devoted to getting you well in the shortest time possible and keeping you that way.

The benefits of Well Balanced Center

  • Thorough, face-to-face communication with your practitioners.
  • Input on your treatment plan from multiple practitioners, to ensure integrated care.
  • Elimination of redundant treatments.
  • More practitioner time to address all symptoms and causes.
  • Faster return to your life, leaving you better than before.

Services we use in treatment

We have practitioners who specialize in functional medicine, massage therapy, and acupuncture.

While each of these services has effective healing outcomes on its own, each service by itself does not address all causes of symptoms. This is why we take an integrated approach to healing. Patients often work with a group of practitioners with different skills and specialties, all aligned to help you get better.

While Western Medicine is excellent at treating emergency symptoms that need immediate attention, it rarely addresses the “why” of what caused your symptoms in the first place. Without that understanding, your symptoms will almost certainly return.

At Well Balanced Center, our work is to get to the “why.”

Methods we use

We employ a range of treatment methods and services to help our patients get better, faster

Our healing practioners