Traditional Physical Therapy

Well Balanced Physical Therapy

In America, a traditional physical therapist will treat a patient condition by only looking at the condition itself, such as knee pain. A series of exercises pertaining to the localized area will be prescribed, with time allocated up to 60 minutes per day. In addition, prescribed exercises are assigned mostly via a diagnoses from a referring physician.

  • A whole body orthopedic assessment is performed in addition to evaluating your nervous systems response to pain and life stressors.
  • Treatment plan focuses on the cause of pain from a systemic perspective: orthopedic and nervous system.
  • Motor control, stability and strength exercises are taught to build a balanced body at the site of injury and connecting areas that play a part in pain and dysfunction.
  • Manual release is performed and taught to reduce and eliminate symptoms at home
  • Average treatment time is 6-8 weeks to reduce pain to 80% relief.

Our dedicated physical therapist will develop a personalized physical therapy treatment plan that focuses on the cause of pain from a whole body view point, not only the site of pain. We consider patient education and communication essential to the healing process and go beyond traditional care to make sure you know why you are performing each task we ask of you and how it relates to your health goals. From your first visit on, we encourage you to discuss, learn, and engage in your body for long term success.


Our take on Physical Therapy