The Movement

Be strong for life with The Movement


The Movement’s mission is simple: to help you perform and excel in your daily adventures and beyond.

Whether you have been a patient of our healing services and are now out of pain or are simply interested in being stronger and more able to move freely, The Movement is for you. It is a carefully designed, low stress way to build strength and endurance. Still in pain? Therapeutic Exercises are your first stop!

The purpose of strength

Strength and mobility have one purpose, to be used.  Whatever your personal goals related to physical activity, you will be able to do them better and enjoy them more by building a foundation of joint mobility and muscular strength.

Why The Movement?

Our brains and bodies do an excellent job at adapting to the daily emotional and physical stress that we put them through. They do this by finding the path of least resistance and strong parts compensate for weaker parts. Think about sitting at your desk for 8-10 hours a day, then coming home to relax on the couch for another couple of hours, to end the day with sleeping in your bed for another 7-9 hours. That is up to 22 of 24 hours your body is stagnant. The time that we do use to move, we are usually unprepared so the movement feels difficult and often painful.

The Movement teaches you when and how to move your body with your goals in mind. That goal can be as simple as staying pain free while working 40 hours a week or as strenuous as running an ultra marathon.

The Movement is open to anyone, at any level of fitness

If you have been coming to Well Balanced Center for pain management, pelvic health or any other healing treatment, The Movement can be an ideal next step for you. Once your symptoms are resolved, it is important to have a continued program of exercise to help you maintain and improve your mobility and strength to prevent symptoms from returning.

The Movement is open to anyone else, too. You need not have been a patient of our healing services.

So how do you get started? At The Movement, it begins with “The Assessment.”