Be strong for life with The Movement

The Movement’s mission is simple: to help people get stronger — for life!

Whether you have been a patient of our healing services and are now out of pain or are simply interested in being more fit and more able to move freely and painlessly, The Movement is for you. It is a carefully designed, low stress way to build strength and endurance. Still in pain? Therapeutic Exercises are your first stop!

The purpose of strength

Strength has a greater purpose, and that is function. Whatever your personal goals related to physical activity, you will be able to do those things better and enjoy them more by building strength first.

Why The Movement?

Many people’s brains have adjusted in unhealthy and oftentimes painful ways in response to what many of us call “compensations.” Think about sitting at your desk for 8 hours a day, and the neck tension that may ensue. Your neck is compensating for your core, which is inactive due to sitting.

Neck tension is a common result of a “compensation” your body makes from working at a desk for long hours.

These compensations can lead to dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system.

Remember that compensations like this take time and repetition to develop. And likewise, unraveling them also takes time and repetition. We need to build new neural connections and movement patterns that are functional.

The Movement is open to anyone, at any level of fitness

If you have been coming to Well Balanced Center for pain management, pelvic health or any other healing treatment, The Movement can be an ideal next step for you. Once your symptoms are resolved, it is important to have a continued program of exercise to help you maintain and improve your mobility and strength to prevent symptoms from returning.

But The Movement is open to anyone else, too. You need not have been a patient of our healing services.

We are proud of the program we have created. It is designed to facilitate optimal movement patterns, improve strength and endurance, while decreasing the time it takes to achieve your best results, while eliminating undue stress on the body and mind.

So how do you get started? At The Movement, it begins with “The Screen.”