The program

The 4 stages of The Movement

The Movement is broken down into four stages that each new participant will work through. Once you reach Stage 4, called “Endurance,” (normally after about 6 months) you can stay there and continue doing sessions as long as you like. In fact, that’s the goal. It will then sustain your body and mind for life, getting you Better, Faster, Forever.

Training Classes

  • 1. Movement Assessment
  • 2. Foundations Mobility and  Strength
  • 3. Foundations of Endurance
  • 4. Endurance

Details of each stage

1. Movement Assessment

A prerequisite for  participating in training sessions.

During this hour, you will meet with one of our practitioners who will perform the Movement Assessment. This will give you an overview of The Movement philosophy, what to expect in each class and what the first 8 weeks of training will look like.

We will also cover the fundamentals of the breathing mechanics, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, joint mobility and bodyweight lifting mechanics. Successful completion of this orientation will provide the proper foundation to safely participate in Foundations.

2. Foundations of Mobility and  Strength

Foundations is the baseline class for The Movement and is designed help you move better. In this class we will cover the foundations of the breathing mechanics, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, joint mobility and  bodyweight lifting mechanics.

Successful completion of Foundations of Mobility and Strength allow you to progress to Foundations of Endurance.


3. Foundations of Endurance

Prerequisite:  Foundations of Mobility and Strength 

Foundations of Endurance classes are designed to help you not only move better but also get stronger as you build from your solid foundation. Skills will include kettlebell deadlift, KB front squat, Turkish get-up, kettlebell press and kettlebell swing. Successful completion of this class will provide the foundations of endurance necessary to increase Endurance.


4. Endurance

Prerequisite: Foundations of Mobility, Strength and Endurance

Endurance is designed to help you increase your stamina and experience the ease of movement you’ve gained from building your strength to get here. With foundational skills and endurance in place, load and reps are peaked, establishing performance for any event in your life. The goal is for all of our members to reach this level and maintain it.