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allison Vion

Allison Vion, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Allison’s Specialties


Whole Body Health

Allison is a licensed massage therapist who is focused on the holistic wellness of her clients. She has a science-based and emotional approach to massage. She believes that wellness is created every day through mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual practices. Practices that can be cultivated with care and intention through the treatment at Well Balanced and continued into everyday life. Perhaps one of the most powerful impacts of manual therapy is on the nervous system. In a high-intensity modern world our sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous systems are in charge much of the time. Massage provides an opportunity to activate the balancer: the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system. Once the body is in a parasympathetic mode muscular tension is more easily unlocked, leading to quicker recovery & increased daily wellness. Allison believes that manual therapy provides an important passive aspect to injury treatment as well as regular preventative self-care.

Approach to treatment 

Allison engages with each unique individual, taking care to adjust the treatment plan to the specific needs of the moment. She is interested in providing the necessary care that every person deserves. You can expect a slow and intentional massage, allowing the body to accept pressure and release. Allison values communication with her clients to ensure desired goals are met within each session. 


Allison has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a specialized focus in trauma and neuropsychology & a graduate degree in Zoology. This background brings a diversity of awareness into her practice. Her massage license was obtained here in Eugene, Oregon. She also has a foundation in Swedish Massage, bolstered by the use of cupping treatments and trigger point therapy.

Outside of Work

Allison is an outdoor enthusiast with a particular interest in birding. You might see her out in the world camping, hiking or intently staring through her binoculars at a little winged mystery.