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Rebekah Fisher

Physical Movement Specialist

Physical Movement Specialist


Whole Body Health

As a Physical movement specialist, Rebekah is a fan of all things movement.

Rebekah brings a unique perspective to strength and movement training. Her approach integrates Hatha yoga, Functional Range Conditioning for body strength and mobilty and weight training to create a balanced solution for movement issues, joint pain and athletic performance. She seeks solutions that build longevity and empower clients to do the things they love. Rebekah specializes in helping people reconnect with their bodies and take ownership of their progress. As an avid weight lifter and working parent, she is well-versed in the challenges of staying active when life busyness, injury or aging get in the way. Taking the time to look at things from a different perspective can shed new light on an old problem and bring new solutions to the surface. 

Change your movement, change your mind, change your life.

Approach to treatment:  

Every patient is different, with individual strengths, and unique goals. That’s why every case starts with a thorough evaluation. Treatments vary greatly depending on patient need, but  often include joint mobilization or manipulation, neurological and postural reeducation, corrective breathing exercise, corrective strength and conditioning, resiliency training, modalities  like laser therapy, biofeedback and more! 

Education is given to inform and empower patient to take control of their own health. Education touches on topics like sleep, breathing, nervous system regulation, hydration, nutrition/supplementation and mindfulness.  

Personalized Home Exercises are provided from day one, so patients know what to do and when. Whether just starting out, or a seasoned athlete, Rebekah is excited to help you take  your health and movement journey to the next level!