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Jody McClenny Joint Mobilization

Jody McClenny PTA

Physical Therapy Assistant

Jody’s Specialties


Whole Body Health

Manual Therapy

Jody was born and raised in Oregon. She previously worked in the service industry but knew that she wanted to help people in a larger capacity. Her personal exploration with health and movement brought her to the Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Lane Community College, becoming a licensed PTA in 2020.

During her clinical rotations she learned the mechanisms of pain, manual therapy techniques and biofeedback technology. She is currently learning to couple the use of Biofeedback technology and trauma treatment; bringing these great skills to Well Balanced.

Jody recently received her certification as a Licensed Lymphedema Therapist. Lymphedema work combines manual lymph drainage techniques and skilled compression along with exercise and skin care to assist those who experience this less well known pathology. She is passionate about helping others, wherever they are in their life adventure. As a newly practicing clinician her goal is to learn from her patients and help create space and advocate for all body types in the sphere of movement. 

Outside of work

Jody is fond of trying new things, loves nature and exploring. When she is not out in the world she enjoys relaxing at home watching scary movies and enjoying such hobbies as reading, exercising, and painting in the company of her dog Petunia, cat Moo, and human companion, Guthrie.