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Dr. Mariel Hammond DPT

Orthopedic and Pelvic Health Therapist

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Dr. Mariel Hammond understands how limiting pain and dysfunction can be to everyday activities and desires to promote a healing environment where all patients can truly understand their diagnosis, work together with their providers to improve their outcomes, and return to function with a sense of accountability that empowers them. 

Dr. Mariel has studied many realms of physical therapy assessment, including Pelvic Pain Program, McKenzie, Maitland, Sahrmann, and Functional Range Systems that allow for a full body approach to assessment and treatment. She utilizes movement screening approaches such as the PPP, FMS and SFMA for return to sport performance and life, that ensures your treatment will help reduce future risk of injury and pain. 

Approach to treatment

Every person is different, in the way that they move, heal, and respond to feedback. Dr. Mariel makes education a priority to ensure that patients take responsibility for their own care and understand the amazing power of self healing that the body can achieve when placed in the right environment. 

Personalized home exercise programs will be given to each patient, and regular communication with their therapist will allow the patient to reach these outcomes at their own pace. 

Dr. Mariel meets patients at their fitness level, treating the weekend warrior all the way up to the semi-professional athlete. Learning first how to move appropriately, and then load the body optimally, each patient will leave their appointments with a better understanding of how resilient and powerful our bodies can be. 


Dr. Mariel obtained her undergraduate degree at the University of Central Florida, specializing in anatomy, biomechanics and fitness training. She continued her education, getting her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree at Duke University, where she worked under some of the best physical therapists in the world. Learning from them had been a profound lesson, and she strives to continue her education through courses that spark her passion, and keep up with the ever-changing evidence based practice.

Her secondary physical therapy certifications include the Pelvic Pain Program, Functional Range Assessment, and Functional Movement System.

She is currently working towards a Certified Nutrition Coaching degree that will allow her to take her practice further as she recognizes the intimate relationship between nutrition and recovery.  She also has plans to become BikeFit Certified, allowing her to better assess and treat the many avid cyclists here in Eugene. 

Outside of Work

Dr. Mariel is an avid adventurist, exploring the many wonders that the PNW provides. Growing up in Florida, she did not have access to beautiful mountains and enjoys the hiking and climbing that nature provides. She is also an avid Ultimate Frisbee player, playing since college for 10+ years and was a part of Worlds Ultimate Disc Association tournament in 2014 representing the USA. She has continued her career with the Oregon Women’s club team, Oregon Schwa, which placed 3rd in the nation last year. Don’t hesitate to find out how you can get involved with your local league as she loves to talk shop!