The BUFF-CUP-STRETCH Recovery Combo

As more active people seek complimentary therapeutic tools for muscle recovery, such as percussion massagers and foam rollers, there have been a few effective combinations to emerge from the world of myofascial therapy. As a career massage therapist and developer of the BuffEnuff® Power Massager, I utilize the tools of the trade in order to release tight fascia, create optimal blood flow, reduce pain and improve range of motion.

Today, lets dive into one of my favorite therapeutic recovery combos:

BUFF-CUP-STRETCH. This is a quick but powerful 1-2-3 punch when it comes to
loosening tight muscles and myofascial adhesions, and once you have the tools and the formula, you are on your way to recovering from stress and tension. In fact, whether you are working on releasing tension in your shoulders or ITB, calfs or glutes, this process only takes 10 minutes.

Let’s break it down into its parts:

ACTION: Percussion massager for vibratory compression into the tight tissue
TIME: 2-5 minutes
EFFECT: Optimal circulation, warming the area, feels amazing.
TOOL: The BuffEnuff® Power Massager

ACTION: Vacuum suction pulls and lifts fascia
TIME: 2-5 minutes
EFFECT: Loosens tight fascia, freeing muscles, improves deep arterial flow
TOOL: Silicone Cups

ACTION: Repetitive stretch
TIME: 2-5 minutes
EFFECT: Hyper-circulation, stretches all tissues, tonify associated nerves
TOOL: A rope or stretch out strap, the Active Isolated Stretch method

*Excellent treatment for plantar fasciaitis, calf cramps, sprained ankles, knee pain and more.

BUFF IT! Use the flat pad of the BuffEnuff® Power Massager over calf muscles for two minutes while taking deep breaths in order to oxygenate the tissue. After the calf muscles (gastrocs nemius, soleus, fibularis, posterior tibialis) are warmed up, use the percussive action of the edge of the buffer pad for deeper penetration. Turn off your BuffEnuff® and move on to the cupping.

CUP IT! Lubricate the calf with oil. I use coconut oil. Squeeze your silicone cups and place them over the muscle belly, adhering with a tight suction. Walk around, slowly stepping up and down, back and forth. Sit down and move your foot in circles and flexion/extension. Dynamically glide the cups up and down the calf, pulling on the tight fascia, taking deep breaths. Release your cups and move on to the stretching.

STRETCH IT! Use the Active Isolated Stretch method to stretch the calf muscles. Sit on the floor, leg stretched flat in front of you, with your rope or strap positioned around the bottom of the foot. Repetitively stretch the calf muscles by dorsiflexing at the ankle while exhaling. Do a set of 10, one stretch per breath.

All three of these modalities are effective on their own, but the combined effects are simply amazing!
The BUFF-CUP-STRETCH Recovery Combo

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