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Dr. Michael McDonald


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Pain Management

What you can expect from Dr. McDonald’s Chiropractic Care

In his 20s Dr. McDonald endured chronic low back pain and knee pain despite living a healthy lifestyle. While he consulted with many western doctors to get to the bottom of his pain, non of them had answers as his joints looked healthy on xrays. Through family friends, he came upon chiropractic care.

It was through chiropractic that he started his journey back to his active lifestyle and was amazed that in a short time, his low back and knees were feeling better and better. To his surprise being pain free also gave him a new outlook on life, which was to help others. Dr. McDonald made the choice then to become a chiropractor and give back to his community and help others through Chiropractic care.

He completed his Chiropractic education in 2015. Dr. McDonald currently holds and maintains the CCEP (Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner). Dr. McDonald Enjoys helping people to improve their movement through Chiropractic.

When not serving through Chiropractic, Doctor McDonald enjoys time outdoors. His 4-year-old Siberian Husky named Atlas is a regular partner in his adventures. In addition Dr. McDonald is an instructor for motorcycle safety for the state of Oregon. Dr Michael McDonald is excited to be a part of the integrated team at Well Balanced in Eugene, Oregon.

Movement is life. How are you moving today?