Our Team

Caitlin Nelson, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Pain Relief

Caitlin understands how limiting pain and dysfunction can be to everyday activities and desires to promote a healing environment where all patients can truly understand their diagnosis, work together with their providers to improve their outcomes, and return to function with a sense of accountability that empowers them. 

Approach to treatment

Every person is different, in the way that they move, heal, and respond to feedback. Caitlin makes education a priority to ensure that patients take responsibility for their own care and understand the amazing power of self-healing that the body can achieve when placed in the right environment.

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration is a process-based manual body therapy that works with the connective tissue surrounding our vital structures. Through therapeutic touch, guided movement and somatic education the practitioner helps clients discover more efficient options for movement, posture and physical wellbeing.

Through the process of ten consecutive sessions known as The Ten Series, client and practitioner work together to balance the body, finding ease and freedom of movement with long-lasting effects.

Education and Background

Caitlin Nelson discovered the Rolf Method of Structural Integration the way many practitioners
find themselves in the world of bodywork – through a love for movement and a desire to heal
from anything that inhibits that joy. As she completed her B.A. in Modern Dance, she began
exploring all kinds of bodywork therapies to support her body and her passion, as well as feed
her endless curiosity for the body and mind. After a few serious injuries it became clear how
important and life-changing body therapy can be, and knew she wanted to help others find
access to their own well-being. Eventually she received her first Structural Integration Ten
Series while living in Washington, and the rest was history. With the Rolf Method of Structural
Integration she saw opportunity for people to once again feel length, balance and freedom of
movement – feelings that many people have lost or forgotten since their younger years. It was a
chance for people to relieve chronic pain and inhibitions, and to create new awareness for how
to inhabit themselves with more strength, resilience and vitality.
Receiving her training from The Guild of Structural Integration, Caitlin now works primarily
with what’s known as Dr. Ida Rolf’s original Ten Series. This series of ten consecutive sessions
works step by step to release stuck connective tissue and balance the structure of the body,
thereby restoring functional movement and relieving pain. While much of the work is done on a
bodywork table, there is a level of participation from each client as they are sometimes asked to
make small movements or work standing or on a bench. Once a client has experienced a Ten
, they then have the knowledge within their body to work more freely with the Rolf
Method. Clients then graduate to receiving Structural Integration on an as needed basis for
maintenance, new injury and/or continual self exploration.