Acupuncture and Chinese medicine

The best know modality with in Chinese Medicine is Acupuncture and it works by balancing your body’s regulatory function. When your body’s regulation system is not functioning properly, the body reflects it in our physical and mental well being.

In order to restore balance and health, thin needles are placed at points that are known to regulate your body, known as acupuncture points. When these specific points are regulated, your body becomes more balanced, and begins to heal. Over time symptoms start to be eliminated and whole-body health is restored.

Herbal Formulas

With in Chinese Medicine , herbal formulas are used to support the root diagnosis of symptoms. Using herbs in combination with acupuncture allows for increased response time for internal symptoms related to hormone regulation, autoimmune, cardiovascular health, anxiety, depression and other internal symptoms.

Herbal formulas are used to complement acupuncture and serve as an accelerant in the healing process. They are a superior choice when trying to avoid the use of prescription medications to resolve symptoms at the root cause, rather that covering up symptoms. This is often seen in prescription medications in which symptoms return when medications are discontinued.

Nutrition Therapy

Diet plays an important role in how the body heals. Our Chinese medicine practitioners are trained in dietary therapy as it relates to your symptoms. When a food or group of foods in your diet are causing additional stress that reduces the healing cycle, your practitioner will review with you how elimination of foods can help. In addition, certain whole foods help in the healing process and will be recommended as needed.


While obtaining their degrees, acupuncture providers are trained to treat all ailments and are considered general health practitioners. While our practitioners can treat all symptoms, they have additional training in focused areas, making them a specialist in their field.