Built on Science. Powered by Passion.

The movement gym and fitness classes were created for our patients who have achieved their pain relief goals at Well Balanced and want to continue to be strong and mobile for the adventures of life. We found there was a gap in graduating patients, pain free, and them continuing to working out on their own. While their pain was gone, patients still needed to continue to learn how to move better and load more weight through proper techniques at a pace that didn’t result in re injury. Hence, The Movement program was born.

The Movement program consists of 3 unique classes that range from beginning movers to advanced athletes so anyone, at any fitness level is able to participate. No matter your fitness level, you will meet with our physical therapist or movement specialist who will perform an assessment to see which class is appropriate for you and to outline your goals for the 8 week class. This step is essential to your new way of working out: Working Smarter, Not Harder.