Becoming a New Patient

Each new patient’s journey starts with a complete assessment and treatment by a Well Balanced practitioner. Based on your primary complaint, medical history, family history, lifestyle, outcome measures and response to treatment, we will align a treatment plan for you.

It is Well Balanced’s primary objective to facilitate a plan that will ease your symptoms quickly while also outlining the skills you need to continue on your healing journey. We will work together to find the best integrated care plan that meets your needs through Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, and Massage Therapy.

When your initial assessment and treatment is complete, you will meet with our front desk lead who will facilitate the scheduling of your first 30 day treatment plan with your primary practitioner.

Book your Initial Appointment with one of our primary practitioners below:

Physical Therapy with Dr. Aaron Barnard, DPT

Dr. Aaron Barnard is a fan of all things movement, although, is no stranger to injury. He  understands how frustrating it can be for hobbies and passions to be put on hold due to pain or  injury. That’s why he has set out on a mission to understand the human body, in order to help patients manage their pain and become more resilient to injury. Aaron utilizes traditional orthopedic physical therapy including techniques from Maitland, Mulligan, and McKenzie; but  also incorporates cutting edge assessment and treatments like those from the Postural Restoration  Institute and Reflexive Performance Reset.

Acupuncture with Courtney Connell, D.A.C.M. L.Ac.

Courtney Connell, works to get to the root of your symptoms through a comprehensive diagnosis process the integrates his specialized training in Functional Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. His treatments comprise of acupuncture, herbs, and Functional Medicine. Mr. Connell’s acupuncture style is unique, gentle, and effective at treating a wide range of health conditions, specializing in internal symptoms such as hormones fertility, fatigue, depression, anxiety, digestion and cardiac conditions.

Acupuncture with Kileen Swenson, L.Ac.

 Kileen has been fortunate enough to work with a range of communities and has completed advanced trainings in pain management, cupping therapy and women’s health including, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum care and hormonal balancing with leading practitioner’s, midwives and doulas.

Physical Therapy with Dr. Mariel Hammond, DPT

Dr. Mariel has studied many realms of physical therapy assessment, including, Postural Restoration Institute, McKenzie, Maitland, Sahrmann, Myofunctional Therapy, Functional Range Systems, and Pelvic Pain Program that allow for a full body approach to assessment and treatment. She utilizes movement screenings such as the FMS and SFMA that facilitate a return to sport performance and life. Ensuring that your treatment will help reduce future risk of injury and pain.

2. Check your email to complete your patient intake paperwork

Look in spam, too, if you don’t see it initially!

Simply follow the link in the email to fill out the forms online. Once our office has received your patient intake paperwork, we will approve your appointment.

Please note these forms must be filled out the same day to hold your appointment approval. If for some reason you cannot fill out the forms the same day, we will call to schedule your appointment once we receive the forms. Once your appointment is confirmed, you have 48 hours before the appointment to cancel or reschedule. Failure to cancel or reschedule in a timely manor will result in upfront payment to secure your next appointment.

3. Insurance

Part of your intake forms includes insurance. If you wish for us to bill your medical insurance, please fill out this section. Currently we are in network for:

  • Providence
  • Pacific Source Commercial
  • MODA
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

For all other companies, we can issue a medical receipt for you to submit to your insurance.

For Motor Vehicle Accident and Workers Compensation accidents, please fill out the forms and use this company as your primary insurance.

Once have your insurance information, we will call your insurance company to verify your benefits. Insurance benefits will be explained to you during your first appointment.

Have questions?

Please feel free to call us: 541-762-1755