Is it possible to dissolve scar tissue naturally?

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While you’re probably not going to get rid of scar tissue completely, “fibrinolytic enzymes serrapeptase and nattokinase have been shown to be effective in removing fibrous scar tissue” 1. After all, what are scars but built up fibrin and collagen proteins? So, it would make sense that an enzyme which breaks down extra protein and fibrin, might help with scaring or at least help dissolve scar tissue. That’s exactly what these enzymes do. While your scars probably aren’t going to disappear completely, these enzymes can help to dissolve the extra tissue and protein surrounding scars and other injuries.

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What is a proteolytic enzyme?

“Proteolytic” is a fancy way of saying they dissolve extra proteins floating around your body. If you were to take them with food, they would help you digest your meal. Taken on an empty stomach, they float around your blood stream and digest old and stray proteins throughout your body. This is especially helpful after an injury, or to address swelling, because swelling and inflammation tend to keep protein, and fluid trapped in the ‘interstitial space’. That probably sounds a little complicated, but the take away is these enzymes can help reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain, in addition to helping dissolve scar tissue and dissolve the extra stuff around your scar 1.

What is a fibrinolytic enzyme?

“Fibrinolytic” is a fancy way of saying these enzymes also help dissolve built of fibrin protein. Fibrin is a small protein that helps to form blood clots. Gently dissolving some of the extra fibrin floating around can reduce blood pressure and help clean up fibrin which can build up in the lungs. This may even be beneficial in managing things like pulmonary fibrosis 2, by helping dissolve scar tissue in the lungs.

But will it dissolve my scar tissue?

Scars are mostly collagen. We wouldn’t want to completely dissolve your scars, after all they help hold you together, we would however want to dissolve any extra, or unnecessary protein & fibrin around your scars. We would also want to dissolve any broken or unnecessary proteins in your blood, interstitial space or around your joints. As these extra, and sometimes faulty proteins can contribute to swelling, and generally bog your system down. You can think of this more like cleaning up your scar tissue, rather than making it disappear completely. If that sounds good to you, then there are 3 main options to choose from:

How do I take these enzymes?

Serrapeptase, sometimes called Serratiopeptidase, is a proteolytic and fibrinolytic enzyme made by silkworms. But if you’re not interested in eating worms to dissolve scar tissue, it’s also available in supplement form.  

Nattokinase is derived from Natto, a traditional Japanese dish of fermented soybeans. Natto has other tremendous health benefits including providing vitamin K2 and a unique form of vitamin E. Simply including Natto in your diet might be a good strategy to get this enzyme 3.

Lumbrokinase is like serrapeptase but is made from earth worms rather than silkworm. While earth worms have been used in traditional chinses medicine for centuries, the enzyme has only recently been isolated for supplemental use. Despite being the newest enzyme on the block, it’s my favorite because it is roughly 300 x stronger than serrapeptase, and roughly 30x stronger than natto kinase.

Personally, I like to use Lumbrokinase mixed with other protease (proteolytic) enzymes any time I’ve had an injury, or the day after a hard work out. It seems to reduce my swelling and inflammation, as well as temper my blood pressure. I also notice breathing is easier after a course of enzymes, as they help to dissolve excess fibrin build ups in the lungs. As far as scar tissue, I cannot say my scars have disappeared, but I have found lumbrokinase to reduce pain associated with my ankle surgery scars. Which has been great, especially considering the other benefits.

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It’s important to take enzymes on an empty stomach with water. If taken with food, the enzymes will simply help to digest your food. While this is not a bad thing, the enzyme won’t make it into circulation to help dissolve scar tissue, and your extra protein floating around.

Who shouldn’t take enzymes like this?

Proteolytic and fibrinolytic enzymes can help to lower blood pressure, and dissolve some of the extra junk in your lungs and blood vessels. For most people this could be a great thing but could be problematic for people with already low blood pressure. Anyone with a clotting disorder, increased bleeding risk, or anyone already taking blood thinners like coumadin, or aspirin, should avoid these enzymes. They should also be avoided before surgery, as they could increase risk of bleeding. Always do your own research, and consult a licensed health care provider before any lifestyle change.

While your scars are probably not going away complete, proteolytic, and fibrinolytic enzymes are probably the best option to help dissolve scar tissue, and seriously promote recovery. You can get the benefit of some of these enzymes by including Natto in your diet, or by supplementing with Serrapeptase or Lumbrokinase, as directed by your health care provider. Schedule an appointment today to talk with one of our herbalist and learn more!  

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