Joint mobilization is similar to massage in that it is a passive manual therapy that applies pressure soft tissue. It differs by narrowing the focus to soft tissue around a joint. The goal being to increase and improve range of motion and nervous system motor control response.

Joint Mobilization vs Chiropractic

We get asked this question a lot, and it is worth addressing when long term results are desired.

While many people have short term pain relief from chiropractic care, their symptoms frequently return after their treatments. This is due to the inability of chiropractic to get to the root of the pain by performing joint manipulation.

It takes a whole body assessment and view of what is causing pain to get to the root of issue. Read more about this approach on our pain page.

The primary treatment difference is chiropractic uses a fast thrust while joint mobilization is a slow release of soft tissue around joints. It is the intent of the physical therapist is engage in passive and active treatments to empower the patient through the performance of corrective exercise program at home, performed daily.

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