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Lisa Glasser The Movement

Lisa Glasser, M.Ac., L.Ac


Lisa’s Approach to Healing

Mind, Body, Spirit


What you can expect in our treatments together.

  • Treatment of surface and underlying conditions through a mind, body and spirit approach.
  • Focus on the nervous system as way to dissolve stress and build resiliency.
  • Teach you how to heal yourself in each session.
  • 30 day goal setting so you can see your progress each month.

I wont ask you to do anything I haven’t done myself.

As an acupuncturist, movement specialist, and mindfulness enthusiast, I founded Well Balanced Integrated Clinic in 2014 to bring like minded practitioners together to treat the root cause of ailments. As my personal practice has evolved over the last 15 years, with my primary focus on physical health, I couldn’t help to notice the inability to separate the body and mind. The more I learned about the physical body, the more I could see how the two are tightly intertwined and inseparable.

With the world’s state of mind upended over the last two years, it became undeniable that this integration of body and mind must be facilitated. Then, I contracted covid (delta variant) in July 2021 and was forced to stop seeing patients as it wreaked havoc on my mind, body and spirit. Prior to this experience, my soul patiently waited as I continued to overwork and under appreciate both my body, mind and spirit and their innate connection. I was horrible at heeding the advice I was giving to so many of my patients: “Slow down, find a balance and do what makes you happy”.

Advice, which our fast paced, results driven, society makes nearly impossible and I convinced myself I had to many people to help and my own care could take a back seat. It has taken the last year of intense recovery work from the neurological and emotional long haul symptoms to witness a new reality and slow down. It wasn’t covid alone that caused these long haul symptoms. Covid only amplified the last 42 years that had caught up with my workaholic, savior mentality caused by the unresolved trauma of a numbed life.

The silver lining of Covid is that it allowed me the time and personal space necessary to create a mind, body and spirit connection from within. I am sharing my story with you, as what was once frowned upon in the professional world by showing the vulnerability of being human, is now finally praised. Academics such as Brene Brown, medical doctor Gabor Mate and spiritual teacher Eckart Tolle have mainstreamed this humanistic approach. If we as physical and mental health therapists don’t do the work to heal ourselves, we have no real practical application of what we are teaching our patients.

Backed by my pursuit of a masters in mental health counseling, I am integrating the mind and spirit in addition to treating the physical body and nervous system. The ability to bring the body, mind and spirit together is the next evolutionary step to our fascinating human experience. One that must be accomplished first in order for us to heal fully as a collective from a lineage of unresolved trauma, let alone the last two years of adversity.

With passion and vigor, I have opened my schedule once again and will be seeing patients with the intent of focusing on the symptoms that result when the mind, body and spirit are disconnected. The spirit of each one of us, however you interpret it, is ready to soar as we unite the body, mind and spirit together. This can include anything from chronic pain to the search for the soul’s purpose and ultimately how they are connected. I believe every experience that happens for us is an opportunity to live a fully human existence, if we can get through it and see the treasures. You are your own healer, let’s work together to overcome and unearth the treasures that present as symptoms.