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Lisa Glasser, M.Ac., L.Ac

Clinical Director, Acupuncturist, Movement Specialist

Lisa’s Specialties

Women’s Health

Therapeutic Exercises


Lisa Glasser, a pain management and movement specialist at Well Balanced. She has close to 15 years of experience treating acute and chronic pain through acupuncture, movement and strength training. This has earned her the declaration as one of Eugene’s Top Doctors.

The key to her success has been finding the root cause of a patient’s symptom. In addition, her recommendation for an effective, integrated treatment plan. Most importantly, she and her staff accurately educating their patients on how to not only get better, faster, but also how to ward off pain with a daily self-care routine.


As a collegiate athlete, pain was an almost daily presence for Lisa. When you ask your body to do more than it is capable of, pain is the result. As a limber, young athlete, those pains were temporary.
Today, as an active and still competitive adult, when she encounters pain she sees it as an indicator that the body needs help.

Through her extensive training as an acupuncturist and experience as a lifelong athlete she has honed the skills necessary to find the root of pain. While addressing the source to remove the limitation, which leaves patients pain free for years to come.

Initial treatment with Lisa

Each new patient at Well Balanced has their initial consultation and treatment with Lisa as Clinic Director. She will cover your medical history and what led up to your main health concern. She will then assess the muscles and joints around the area of concern, testing each muscle to see whether it is functioning at 100 percent capacity.

Each muscle that is not 100 percent will be treated in order to be restored to its full function. Lisa will then give you corrective exercises to keep the muscle at 100 percent, through a process of reprogramming muscle memory.

This process of getting your muscles to be 100 percent doesn’t happen in one treatment. In fact, it is reported that in order for a muscle’s memory to permanently change, it takes 3,000 repetitions of an exercise.

Approach to treatment

Lisa uses a combination of both Eastern and Western philosophies integrated into one treatment. This approach allows her to use western diagnostic measures to find the cause of pain. She can then identify compensation patterns and treat with Western and Eastern modalities. Finally, she returns to a global approach of teaching patients how to interrupt those patterns at home for long term results.

“Most people do not know how good their bodies are supposed to feel. Anxiety, fatigue and pain are all signals that your body is asking you for help,” she says.

Founder of Well Balanced Center

Lisa created Well Balanced Center for Integrated Health on the philosophy that no one should be in pain, physically or emotionally. Which is why a specialized team was created, to treat every ailment from depression to knee pain and everything in between while using the modality that is right for you — whether it be chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, or nutritional counseling through functional medicine.

Education and training

Lisa attended the University of Wyoming where she played Division 1 basketball while completing her undergraduate degree. She then found her way to Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, MN., where she received a master’s in acupuncture in 2006. She then made the leap to the West Coast and settled in Eugene.

Outside of work

When she is not working, you will find Lisa enjoying everything that Oregon has to offer, from the coast to the mountains and everything in between.