What are you known for and what do you do professionally? 

Honestly, I am still probably most known for my running career! But in terms of my professional body work career, I am currently most known for teaching Movement Classes as a personal trainer. What few people know is that I am a newly licensed massage therapist. With my licensure, I have pursued an additional certification in Active Release Technique (A.R.T.), which was a modality I sought out a lot when I was competing as a sponsored runner. I am excited to one day bring that same level of treatment I received as an elite athlete, to everyone I work on.  It is my goal to build a practice that combines soft tissue body work and realignment with movement and exercise to help my clients feel better and move more! 

What makes you unique from other practitioners?

I believe that my experience RECEIVING massage and other body work from some of the world’s best practitioners while I was a professional athlete, has allowed me to set myself apart from other practitioners with the same level of education and practice experience. The time and energy I put into my athletic career has also given me a unique level of personal body awareness, which I am able to use when helping others build their own body awareness during treatments and exercise. 

What is your professional story/background? How did you choose your profession, why do you do what you do? 

I suppose my professional story starts in college where I was a collegiate athlete. At the time, I wanted to know as much as I could about my body in order to be the best I could be in my sport. Because of this, I decided to get my degree in Kinesiology/Movement Science. After graduating, I went on to compete in track and field (mainly the 3k steeplechase) for 6 years as a paid professional athlete, which brought me to the highest levels of the sport all around the world. I also went back to school to get my MBA to set me up for my life after sport. When I finished competing, I wanted to find something else that I could be as equally passionate about. I bounced around a bit, coaching track and cross country at the collegiate level and then got an office/fundraising job. I quickly realized what my career values really were and decided to go back to school for massage therapy. This would allow me to have a family-oriented, flexible schedule, good pay, make a direct positive impact in other people’s lives, and give me an excuse to continue to be a student of the human body! I am just starting out on this new phase of life, but I am already excited about the opportunities in front of me. 

What are 3 things you want clients to know?

1. You don’t need to make 100% perfect choices all the time to be very healthy. Be patient with yourself and strive for consistency over perfection. Little changes can make big differences. 

2. As a human, SLEEP is your superpower. Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. 

3. In all things, work hard and be humble. 

What inspires you most in life and in your profession? 

Helping others to make positive changes in their lives is what inspires me most. I strive to have valuable tools and skill sets to offer but most importantly, I want to help them feel empowered and capable of making the changes they want to see in their lives for themselves.  It is also important for me to be a good personal example of how to live and be healthy. 

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