Our staff

Dr. Courtney Connell, L.Ac.

Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Courtney Connell works to get to the root of your symptoms and then treating them through acupuncture, herbs, and daily lifestyle recommendations. Courtney’s acupuncture style is unique, gentle, and effective at treating a wide range of health conditions, including pain management, infertility, sexual health and other conditions.Courtney works closely with Dr. Jacob McNair at Well Balanced, who specializes in Functional Medicine, and Physical Therapist Devin DeGrief, who specializes in pelvic floor health, both examples of integrated care at its best.

First appointment

Your first treatment with Courtney is an in-depth analysis of your health history and how it effects your current symptoms. Based on all of your bodily symptoms, not just your main complaint, he will treat your body as a whole and come up with a treatment plan. Chinese Medicine is the grandfather of the theory of finding the root of a symptom and not just treating the symptom.

How Courtney discovered acupuncture

Courtney Connell began learning about acupuncture through his own injury. Fifteen years ago he suffered an acute and severe back injury while moving a refrigerator. Many people may be familiar with the following situation. There was pain but everything seemed OK. The next morning he could not get out of bed, couldn’t move, the pain was excruciating.Eventually, he made his way to a doctor, who informed him he could see deep bruising to the inter-vertebral discs on the surface of the skin. The doctor gave him some anti-inflammatory medication (which did nothing for the pain). After about a week of hobbling around it was time to seek treatment, and he made a deal with himself. “I am going to try every natural way to heal my back for one year, and then I will consider surgery.” That is how he found acupuncture.He began seeing an acupuncturist as often as he could. His acupuncturist helped with the pain, but Courtney also found that he was sleeping better and feeling better overall. His acupuncturist gave him a custom herbal formula for pain relief and muscle relaxation and advised him to stretch and strengthen his core and lower back to complete the recovery.He then took up yoga, practicing twice a week while receiving acupuncture as often as he could. This continued for about half a year. At the year anniversary of the injury, he was pain free. He credits his complete recovery from his back injury to acupuncture and yoga.

From injury to a second career

For most that would be the end of the story. Except Courtney came from a medical family, and although his first profession was not in the healing arts, the timing was right to start a new career. More accurately, it was time to return to his original calling to be a healer.He asked his acupuncturist for some books to read, and then when the timing was right he pursued his master’s in Oriental Medicine from AOMA Graduate School of Medicine in Austin, Texas. There he found his calling, his specialty, and style in acupuncture.Courtney specializes in Meridian Style Acupuncture, Japanese, and Five Element Acupuncture. He integrates many styles, and uses the appropriate style for each client. He integrates Functional Medicine and Herbal Medicine to create a complete treatment protocol. Courtney is trained and practices advanced systems of pulse diagnosis. There is a rich tradition of pulse diagnosis in Chinese Medicine, and he has been fortunate enough to work with two wonderful teachers. Will Morris taught him Neo-Classical pulse diagnosis and Shen-Hammer pulse diagnosis. Lonny Jarret taught Courtney the Five Element paradigm in Chinese Medicine and refined his understanding of the Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis System.

Supplementing his treatment with nutrition and herbs

In conjunction with acupuncture, Courtney recommends nutrition and herbs to support the foundation of our health and to assist bringing the body back into balance. He has undertaken extensive study in functional medicine to effectively use nutritional protocols for his patients. In addition to nutrition, Courtney is a fully certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist and uses the traditional Chinese herbal apothecary and treatment strategies to guide people back to health. The combination of nutrition with herbal medicine provides “take-home” support for the acupuncture treatments and leads to better outcomes.Courtney has taught acupuncture and herbal medicine at the East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota, Fla.

Outside of work

When he is not working it’s a good bet you will find Courtney learning. He is currently enrolled to receive his Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, which he plans to complete in December of 2018.Between his studies you may find him exploring the outdoors, especially that he is new to Oregon and is looking forward to finding his favorite hiking trail. Or you may find him racing at the go-kart track or enjoying a drive through the country. Hopefully that great hiking trail will be at the end of a beautiful drive.