Temporary fix, or Long Term Results?

The Foot Collective:

“Health: It’s not about temporary quick fixes…. It’s about developing long term sustainable behaviors”


This applies to everything: movement, nutrition, sleep and mental health. Inspired by the words of @erwanlecorre,  this quote is so powerful and relevant in today’s world

Health is simple but in a complex 2019 world that humans are poorly adapted to live within and where companies make money from disease, it can be a hard thing to navigate
You don’t need a pill to fix your knee, you need to correct the poor movement causing your knee to break down. You don’t need a pill to help you sleep, you need to learn about sleep hygiene and prioritize sleep
We are here to keep things simple and make health less abstract. Move naturally, eat real food, sleep 8 hours every night and you will be off to an amazing start. Simple yet powerful behaviour changes that will change your life
Don’t believe us, just be open minded to making small changes and seeing how you feel